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Aims & Objectives

To provide a broad-based education for preparation of nursing personnel at both basic and advanced levels who can function in a wide variety of Health Care setting and make their distinctive contribution in all branches of nursing for promotion of health, prevention of diseases, care during illness and maintenance of positive health. To prepare a corps of well-qualified nurses for leadership positions to assume responsibilities in nursing and to do pioneer work of a creative nature for the development of human and scientific health care system. To promote the deeper study of nursing with a view to generate new perspectives, and about innovative approaches to deal with problems encountered in nursing and health field. To maintain a centre of excellence for the pursuit of higher studies in nursing and act as a pace-setting institution to strive to give direction to nursing, to serve better to the contemporary and future needs of nursing development.

A V INSTITUTE OF NURSING has followed the objectives laid by the Indian Nursing Council for the Courses. Trained Nurses are expected to perform for the betterment of the Society in addition to: Analyse the health care of the patient, identify the nursing needs and concerned problems, and then implement the primary or secondary level of the nursing care. Evaluate the care given that contributes towards health of the individual, families and communities in different settings like hospital, rural and urban health centres. Nurse is expected to show leadership qualities and decision-making abilities under stress situations and work diligently. The trained nurses should demonstrate competency in nursing skills and techniques based on concepts and scientific principles derived from physical, biological and behavioral sciences. Nurse must uphold the dignity of nursing profession and take active interest in various professional health activities and programmes. Nurse may practice ethical value in their personal and professional character. To remove the paucity of well qualified nursing teachers in our country. T explore the center of excellence for higher studies in nursing and to give direction for serving contemporary and future needs of nursing development.