We always focus to improve our educational system by introducing modern methods and technology equipments:


  • To provide the medical and nursing educational system on modern and scientific lines.
  • To promote the cause of education, learning, research and training among people belonging to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, backward classes and other economically weaker sections of society and people living in rural and far flung areas.
  • To established charitable as well as general hospitals, MCH and family welfare centres in Jammu province for providing Medical Facilities to the needy population.
  • To train the basic health functionaries especially among rural population which could implement MCH, family welfare and other health programmes successfully.
  • To set up and manage school/colleges/boarding houses including professional institutions (Medical and Nursing) polytechnics, research centers and specialties units etc.
  • To create health awareness among the people so as to enable them to control communicable diseases.
  • To reduce unemployment by imparting technical training in the field of health management and to her vocational courses so that they can earn their livelihood as well as can compete not only, at national but at international level also.
  • To undertake research work.
  • To undertake such programmes which will empower the youths to be self sufficient.
  • To develop the teaching faculty through continuing education.
  • To undertake community projects.




Institute Library is equipped with more than 750 books in various fields and journals both national and international and important reference books duly listed and placed in order on racks for consultation.


Computer Lab:


Lab is well equipped with computers and allied infrastructure is the with the desired environment and aesthetically pleasing furniture and provided with A V AIDS like T.V./VCR/DVD/Over Head Projector/Slide Projector/LCD and is manned by the competent experienced teachers.


Fundamental Nursing Lab:



Well installed spacious lab to accommodate 50 students and is provided with:


                   A) Chase Dolls:


                                                                         4 (Male + 3 Female)


                   B) Rubber Articles Like:


                                                                         1 Royles Tubes
                                                                         2 Urinary Catheter
                                                                         3 Folley’s Catheters
                                                                         4 Flatus Tubes
                                                                         5 Hot water bottles etc.


                   C) Enamel Articles Like:


                                                                         1 Beds
                                                                         2 Bed Side Locker
                                                                         3 Stools
                                                                         4 Trays
                                                                         5 Enema can with Rubber
                                                                         6 Bowls
                                                                         9 Nelson’s Inhaler etc.


                   D) Linen Articles Like:


                                                                         1 Test Tube with Holders
                                                                         2 B.P. Apparatus
                                                                         3 Syringers/Needles 10/5/2cc
                                                                         4 Suture Thread
                                                                         5 Surgical Instruments etc.


                   E) Pharmaceutical Lab - Provided with:


                                                                         1 Pestle and Motor
                                                                         2 Sieve
                                                                         3 China Dishes
                                                                         4 Beakers
                                                                         5 Glass Rods
                                                                         6 Funnel
                                                                         7 Single Tablet Puncture
                                                                         8 Hand Operated Capsule filling
                                                                         9 Single Pan Balance and all other necessary articles.


                   F) Clinical/ OT Lab - Provided with:


                                                                         Sterilizers/Oven/Autoclave/Microscopes/Refrigerator/Hemoglobin meter/ Chlorinator/Binocular/Incubator/Micodom/HB                                                                            Sets/New born chambers with Haemeutrometer/Kits of all tests Urine/Lipid/coleftrol/etc.