Personality Development Need for Today:


The definition of success or failure is very individualistic and has to be realized / understood by each one of us based on our values and beliefs. The modern world is full of challenges / changes. To be a great nurse one must have:


  • Good Sense of humor.

  • Professionalism.

  • Diligence.

  • Compassionate & Friendly.

  • Sense of deeper understanding to life.

  • Sense of hope for what to others may seem hopeless.

  • Sense of pride in saying "I'm a nurse".

  • Empathetic and non-judgmental.

  • Good physical and mental health.

  • Up to date with all of the immunizations.

  • Free of Latex allergies as some gloves still have this component.

  • Good eye hand coordination.

  • Ability to deal with crisis situations.

  • Ability to maintain sensitive and confidential information.

  • Ability to multitask and prioritize according to the case and dept.

  • Not squeamish at blood, and other body excrements.

  • Nurturing personality.

  • Willing to learn new things quickly.

  • Thinking on one's feet.

  • Able to recall detail and memorize things very quickly.

  • Able to stand, sit, crouch, squat etc., for extended periods of time depending on the type of patient and department that you work in.

That's Why we prepare our students in a way that they could cope up with the modern world of challanges by introducing number of Extra Curricular Activities at our institutions such as:


    • Debates, Essay Competition, Drama and sports are being regularly organized, students participate in the activities. Seminars are also held on AIDS, W.H.O, Anti Tuberculosis Day, Nurses Day etc.
    • There are sports facilities for Indoor and Outdoor games, sports competition are held during annual sports meet, students take part in Inter College Competition organized by the College and others.
    • Cultural activities are also done in the campus.
    • Institute provides and opportunity for every student to develop the habit of composing and writing articles, group discussion and publications etc in order to built confidence and self esteem.
    • Institute organizes excursions and academic tours to the best of the Hospitals, Institutions, Research Centre, Conferences etc