The faculty of the A V Institute of Nursing believes that our courses prepare Nurses for the first level positions in Nursing both in the Hospital and Community at large. Our concept of nursing is based on the INC’s definition of “The unique function of the nurse which is to assist an individual, sick or well in performance of those activities, contributing to health or its recovery”.

The faculty of this college believes on providing Nursing Education based and built on scientific principles in order to produce professionally qualified nurses who will be able to function as a team member in all health care agencies as role of practicing nurse either in Hospital or Community based organization.
The Course prepares Nurses for leadership position that can function as a Nurse specialist, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Consultant, Nurse Educator, Nurse Administrator & Nursing Researcher in wide variety of professional settings. It will help to meet the national health priorities and changing needs of the society at large.
We provide and promote all round development of the students with special emphasis on cultural intellectual and spiritual aspects need to prepare a professional nurse who will be contributing as citizen and effective “change agent” in an ever changing society.

Knowing the competition and need of professionals we are committed to provide education to those who have potential and motivation to become Nurse-Educators, Nurse-Researchers who will be able to contribute towards meeting the issues and challenges confronting the nursing professional today.