Male Multipurpose Health Worker(MMPHW) Courses

MMPHW stands for Male Multipurpose Health Worker. This is the first and foremost step in male nursing profession. Nursing just does not mean serving an individual patient, it has much role to play, for e.g: Health training, teaching, supervision and administration of hospital and promotion of health programmes in community. MMPHW course is one of the best choices for a job oriented course. After successful completion of course, student can be exposed to wide variety of jobs. The following are some of the jobs where as MMPHW can comfortably apply & be placed as per the selection policy of Government. .

The NRMHM also absorbs thousands of candidates every year in different states of India with respect to our state of J&K
1) Primary Health Centres (P.H.C.)
2) Government Hospitals
3) Multi-Speciality Hospitals
4) Super-Speciality Hospitals
5) Old age homes and Clinics